Welcome to Louis Swanepoel Retirement Village

One of the best things in life is peace of mind for ourselves, and those we love. Finding the right home for elderly parents is high on the list when it comes to peace of mind for most people.

It’s not an easy choice to make and so many factors play a role when we decide on the best place. Is it safe? Is it affordable? Is it caring? Does it have frail care for one day? Does it feel like home? Is it a happy place? Is the staff qualified and kind? The list of questions is endless!

Experience and legacy mean a lot in decisions like this. We were established in 1981 by Rev. Louis Swanepoel to care for residents according to their individual needs and we have been doing this since then with great compassion and love for all our residents.

Stella is centrally located in the North West province, and offers a safe, clean and healthy lifestyle environment in the mild bushveld climate. Located in the small town of Stella, enables us to operate in a safer environment and offer value for money compared to the larger towns and cities in the province. We welcome residents from all over the North West province and further afield to make us their home.

It is important that our residents feel cared for and so our faciltiies are geared to being the best in the area. We offer four options of living facilties depending on the need of the resident. It is imperative that all those in our care are comfortable and have the facilties and care they require every day.